Pete Anderson Eastsider T

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Reverend Guitars has teamed up with country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson to deliver this modern day classic. We took the vintage T platform that Pete has long been associated with, and modded it for you with cool, player friendly upgrades. This plank may look standard at first glance, but it's factory hot-rodded and stage ready right out of the box! SPECIAL FEATURES - Chambered Korina Body: strategic chambers under the pickguard area reduce weight and increase resonance for a very lively and harmonically rich tone. - Custom Alnico V Pickups: early 50's style bridge pickup uses 43 gauge wire for a thicker twang that's never harsh. Modified neck pickup uses 42 gauge wire for extra chime, shimmer and punch... never a dull moment! - Phase Switch: push-pull tone control puts pickups out of phase with each other when pickup selector is in the middle position. This nasally tone is a throwback to certain early funk and blues tones, adding a unique voice to this guitars versatile arsenal. - Stainless Steel Saddles: for spanky upper-mids that cut through the mix. And they're individually adjustable for perfect intonation. - Compound Radius Fretboard: 10" at the nut, flattens to 14" at the last fret. Offers comfortable chording at the lower registers, and buzz free lead playing at the higher frets. - Vintage Style Tuner Buttons: we added oval buttons to our standard Pin-Lock tuners for a vintage look with modern performance. - Custom Knobs: knurled metal knobs featuring the Reverend "R" embossed on the top. - Satin Finish: for a broken-in, old school vibe that looks and feels great.

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